Dear Kordei

I am sorry for the long silence. I really am, now I understand why some people just ghost from your life. My life took an interesting turn after our last letter, in fact all our lives took an interesting turn since my last letter. I even hate to say the name “Corona”. Such a nice name for an ugly pandemic. That has made life crazy now, to think I haven’t yet seen you even though we are in the same country.

I keep telling people I left Germany the way I came. You remember how I got my visa  24 hours to my flight so I did not have enough time to pack. That’s what happened with my return. Our last seminar was cancelled which was devastating for me, because I had spent hours making bookmarks for everyone.  One beautiful Monday morning, I was called to get ready and leave Germany on Wednesday. It was crazy, I had things to hand over, and ship my box of stuff. I couldn’t even get time to shop for people, which was the upside. I mean I was on stipend, just enough money for my upkeep not enough to buy gifts for all my loved ones.

You understand how some people think you are as rich as Bill gates as soon as they hear you arrived from an European country. Thanks to Corona in a weird way, I was able to avoid unwanted visits and uncomfortable requests for money from people I  barely know.

It was also one of the awkward ways to say goodbye. I could not hug anyone, or even spend one last time with the Café Mittwoch team. I miss them a lot. At least the previous week, I said goodbye to the kindergarten so that was okay. My flight was long but nice because there were a lot of empty seats. So I enjoyed my space with a very nice air hostess who had a chat about dreadlocks with me.

I was excited about returning, but I didn’t like how I left Bremen but I was happy to see my family. The first thing about returning was the heat. I totally forgot how hot Ghana is, I just wanted to sit down and do nothing. After about three days, I got used to it. Being in self quarantine was good for me I should say. It gave me time to reflect and relax. It was like a pause in the midst of all the mixed emotions concerning my departure.

I celebrated my birthday in quarantine but that is another story for another day. Our last seminar was all online, it was very difficult for me to participate. I had good internet connection and all, but bringing myself to talk about stuff was difficult. I was still processing a lot, I still am. I haven’t written anything in months. The change was just too sudden and too much for me. I had left Bremen but I had not moved on.

Well after some months of sulking and talking to my boyfriend about it, it helped. He had also gone through a similar experience after leaving U.K. it may not seem like a big deal, but it is good to talk to people about whatever you are going through. My family has been so supportive; I do not know what I will do without them.

As I said in my last newsletter, I did not think I will miss Bremen so much. I thought it was just year to swing by. I miss riding my bicycle, I miss the random chats with those I work it. I miss my francophone friends in the hostel. I hate to admit it; I somehow miss some of the meals (I can imagine some of my German friends smiling at this sentence).  Speaking of meals, you cannot believe the weight I gained in the first few weeks in Ghana!! eating all the meals I missed. And my skin also cleared, there is really no place like home.

I am happy to be home but I do hope to visit Bremen one day. For now, I will just keep watching old pictures and videos a chatting with friends from time to time.

Al I can say is thank you Bremen and the Norddeutsche Mission for the memories.



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