Food Chronicles I

Liebe Kordei,

Hmmmm…ei… I don’t even know how to start this one. You know how I love food and how I like trying new things, but my sister, I don’t know what would have happened if I stayed with a host family. Probably I would have learnt some German cuisine but the ones I have tasted so far…hmmm.

I am a breakfast person so I love the bread. Various tastes and varieties, I love jam, sausage and bacon. Breakfast meetings are my favourite, whatever the options are. I will definitely get something I like. The only thing is that I don’t really enjoy sometimes the way the meat is cold and not cooked. So I usually stick to butter, jam, salad, fruits and eggs.

For lunch, it is usually a hot meal. The first seminar was a good place for me to taste everything. I did not like the taste of some so I did not even ask for the name. The meal I enjoyed most was Kartoffelauflauf and Schnitzel. I don’t mind taking that again. I also love the way they make their potato salad and the barbecues. Enough of the lecture on the German meals I love before you think it is all rosy.

Baby girl of life, all these things have no spice. Once again, I ask my question: Who lives like this?Sometimes I am sure there is not even a pinch of salt. As my Auntie Akpene will say: ‘Pour lots of black pepper on it, you will be fine’. So at tables, the salt and pepper shakers are my friends.

Let me tell you about one experience I had. I was in town and I was so hungry. I saw a food stall, in there I saw bread and what looked like a fish fritter. It was fish fried in bread crumbs. I definitely knew that the taste will be bland to me.

What I was not mentally prepared for was the how cold it was. When I say cold, I mean cold like chilled water from a fridge. I was so disappointed and sad. I mean, I forgave the lack of spice but cold!! COLD!! I was so frustrated that I dumped it in the nearest bin before I realised it is wrong to throw away food. I could have carried it home and heat it. I just found a café, drank coffee then went home to eat some wild jollof1 and chicken wings for the win.

Another food experience was a dinner I went to, my sister, nothing tasted good. I came home sad, it was late so I did not want to eat anything heavy so I just make some cornflakes and slept. They could not even add spice to the grilled chicken. I am even tempted to carry a small container of shito2 when I am invited to such dinners. But that is rude. Shito just makes every thing taste alright.

So when I want to eat out, I eat with the Turkish. They are the real MVPs3 and life savers out here with their tasty and spicy foods.

My dear friend, please take in all the spice you can before you get here. I miss you and can’t wait to see you.

Yours ever,



  1. Jollof – meal of rice, tomatoes, water, onion, pepper and other ingredients cooked together. Quite popular in West Africa
  2. Shito – spicy dark pepper sauce in Ghana and can be eaten with almost everything.
  3. MVP – Most Valuable Person

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