Saturday, 12th of october City tour

After all the interesting new impressions of the last days, we were looking forward to a day of free time – in the city. Unfortunately the weather was going to ruin our plans.
In the morning, still hoping for the rain to stop, we started our walk to the city after the devotion by David and Marius. Emefa showed us around the city center. We walked through the Schnoor quarter, visited the Dom of Bremen and admired the beautiful marketplace with the Roland statue, the Schütting and the old town hall. In the Böttcherstraße we listened to the famous 30 bells which play traditional songs and melodies several times per day. We finished our tour at the Schlachte next to the Weser.
By this time, not many had been able to keep their feet dry, so we were glad to take a break at the African restaurant „Mommies corner“ for lunch. We enjoyed delicious Fufu, Banku and many other dishes.
Originally, we wanted to spend the afternoon at the Thanksgiving celebration of an urban gardening project next to the Klimawerkstadt, which we had visited on Thursday. The gardeners wanted to prepare soup out of their harvested vegetables and make fresh apple juice. But due to the bad weather, we had lost motivation to go there. Some took the tram to the city center, some went straight back to the Lidice house. The rest of the day was spent as individual free time.
We’re now all dry, warm and cosy again and we’re looking forward to our trip to Bremerhaven tomorrow.
By Laura and Marius

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